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  • Inside the human hamster ball there are equipped with the safety belt, the goods bag and the shoes bag and so on.
  • One or two persons can play at same time. The players will be fixed in the inner ball and it is safe and comfortable.
  • It can not be used for children less than 8 years old human hamster ball
  • If no parents present, children should not play human hamster ball
  • Player more than 187lbs, need a special custom human hamster ball
  • Only use on land, please never use it in water human hamster ball
  • If there is a person inside of a human hamster ball , please do not take the air out
  • Please make sure give the air to human hamster ball first , after that, you can get in.
  • During the past 12 months if you had a major surgery, please do not play
  • Take a break moderately during play
  • If you are pregnant, you can not play human hamster ball
  • Sharp object forbid during play the game
  • You can not play human hamster ball when you are drunk