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Human Hamster Ball Rental

Human Hamster Ball Rental,that is wanting to be excited, it is safe for rolling down hill in an orbit which is made with material that one can see through the plastic. It is double section with one ball inside while the other has a layer of air in between .The professional manufactures of human hamster balls for sale produces all kind of zorb ball depending on the request of the purchaser. There are different varieties, such as body zorbing ball, clear zorb ball, soccer zorb ball, nuclear ball, clear ball and colour zorb ball.

zorb rolling downhill

Inside the ball there are equipped with the safety belt, the goods bag and the shoes bag and so on.

One or two persons can play at same time. The players will be fixed in the inner ball and it is safe and comfortable.

It needs a flat ground with grass on the surface. If with a light slope, it will be better. The ground of the ball can be artificial or crude with an angle of 30 degree. When the ball scrolls from the top, the players will circumgyrate in 360 degree.

Steps on how to use the human hamster ball

After buying your zorb ball, you need to have knowledge on how to use it.

First inflate your zorb ball with the air pump

Check for the entrance, some are sold with one entrance others two

Take off the entire sharp things that you might be having including watch and high heels

Fasten your safety belt and check to ensure that you’re safe


Storage and maintenance

Once you have your balls for either selling or you have bought, you need to take care of them

Always disinfect and clean the ball regularly

Check for any damage before selling or using

Ensure that you remove the sundries outside and inside the ball

Before packing your zorb ball ready for sale or after use, make sure they are clean and safe. Store in a cool and dry place