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Human Hamster Ball Play

Now, everyone have their own activities they participate once the good weather finally arrives. They play volleyball, handball, they go running to lose extra weight gained during the winter, they go swimming, ride a bicycle and many other activities, but not so many are enjoying or even heard of Bubble Soccer or Zorbing Balls in generally. Well you really don’t know what you you’ve missed! It’s incredibly fun and extraordinary activity that includes many or single person. To simply explain you what it looks like…You get inside of big transparent ball and play normal soccer with those balls attached on your body, honestly you have to see or try it to feel the fun and excitement i am telling you about here.

Usually people play Bubble Soccer at normal stadiums and soccer fields, but as for human hamster ball play, you don’t really have to pick place. There is even a so called zorbing. Zorbing  is some kind of “road” or “guideline” that will control your zorb ball in dedicated direction. Zobring is exclusively made for this kind of purposes and it’s incredibly fun to go down the zorbing. Since there are many different zorbing there are many different zorbing balls as well with different sizes and made out of different materials. There are even glowing zorbing balls that look amazing and cool and will definitely make you look awesome inside of it! There could be thousand words here and they wouldn’t be enough to show you magic of attending this outstanding activities, therefore stop reading and join us to have some high quality fun time with us!