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Play Human Hamster Ball

How to play human hamster ball? Human Hamster Ball is made of TPU, PVC and mixture TPU. It a diameter of 3 meters, 1.8 meters diameter transparent sphere, elastic and can also play for two people. For one to start zorb ball play, both hands and feet are tied to the seat belt in the sphere,...
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Giant Hamster Ball

Taking after mountain-climbing and bungee bouncing, Giant Hamster Ball is turning into a mainstream and new compelling effort these days. It is quickly turning out to be popular.Basically there are two sorts of Zorb ball. One is use to play on water, and the other is on the earth. Giant Hamster Ball can be played...
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Human Hamster Ball USA

The United States of America is always credited for its ability to supply quality and highly designed products for the local market stretching to other continents of the world. The ball is usually designed with high technology to meet all the necessary needs and human friendly materials that are usually used to offer users safety...
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